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This Set Includes:
MISS K Styling Serum, 0.27 fl oz
Blinglash Heated Eyelash Curler 
Intense Volume Mascara, 0.28 fl oz
Curl & Definition Mascara, 0.28 fl oz

Start by applying MISS K Styling Serum to your lashes with Blinglash Heated Eyelash Curler to maximize your mascara's performance and condition even the shortest of lashes. This styling serum helps protect lashes while boosting your mascara's effect: intensified color, more length, curve and thickness without clumping or smudging.


Use Intense Volume Mascara that creates long-lasting and buildable volume giving you the look of the thickest lashes effortlessly. The smudge-proof formula provides long-wear performance and delivers bold and fuller-looking lashes all day without flakes or clumps.

Or, apply Curl & Definition Mascara for a natural-looking, yet noticeable eyes. This mascara provides the ultimate lash separation and instantly delivers longer, high-definition lashes. Its unique brush applicator holds the perfect amount of product for gradual, even application every time.


How to Use MISS K Styling Serum With the Blinglash Curler

Follow these three simple steps to have gorgeous eyelashes in a snap:


  1. Apply MISS K Styling Serum. This goes on just like mascara, and it will help your lashes maintain their curl for hours on end.
  2. Place your heated curler about 1/4” from the eyelashes and slowly move it from the root to the tips, allowing the curler to touch the lashes as you do so. Preheat the curler first for 15 seconds before using it so it is warm enough to curl your lashes. Use the instructions below to achieve the type of curl you want. You can also use it across your eyelashes if desired; this will not cause them to clump.
  3. Apply mascara as usual. We recommend one of our 10-second mascaras. We have two formulations available; one is for volume and one is for curl and definition.