Our Story

"As an Asian woman, not being born with naturally long lashes is one of my biggest struggles. I’ve spent years looking for ways to make lashes look longer, fuller, and cleaner and I think I’ve finally found the perfect solution!"


In 2010, Anna Kim entered the beauty industry by starting her own eyelash extension business, Bling Lash, in Manhattan, NY. “For me, beauty always starts with each person’s eyes. The eye make-up you choose is vital to the look you want to create,” said Ms. Kim. With customer satisfaction serving as her paramount goal, Ms. Kim has grown Bling Lash into a leader in the eyelash extension business with three elegant salons in the heart of Manhattan. 

Seeing her customers feel confident with their extended lashes inspired Ms. Kim to create her own cosmetics brand. The first thing she did was to listen to customers. “As I have run eyelash extension salons for over 10 years, I have heard from thousands of women about the difficulty they have applying and removing their mascara,” said Ms. Kim. Ms. Kim notes “there are so many women who stress about their morning makeup routine because of difficult-to-use mascaras. As a beauty entrepreneur, I believe one’s beauty routine should be effortless and enjoyable. When I invented our mascara. 

Another major mascara-related problem was smudges and clumps. “Although there are countless so-called smudge-proof mascaras on the market, after certain number of hours they still smudge under your eyes,” said Ms. Kim. Based on customer research, she set out to develop a new mascara formula that lengthens and curls lashes in one swipe without smudges, flakes, or clumps for the entire day.  

“It took 4 years to get the final prototype. No matter how long it took, the most important thing was product quality. Providing high-quality mascara is our promise and our commitment to our customers.” 

MISS K 10 Second Mascara contains a unique water-resistant film former that creates curly and voluminous lashes in 10 seconds. The formula does not smudge or flake all day long through rain, sweat, and even tears, and it washes off easily with just warm water. The product is also enriched with nourishing ingredients such as vitamin E, shea butter, and aloe barbadensis leaf water that are known to condition and fortify lashes. MISS K 10 Second Mascara is 100% vegan and cruelty-free.