We Are In This Together - Miss K Distributed Mascara To Essential Workers

Miss K cosmetics distributed mascara to essential workers to support the local community in need during the coronavirus pandemic. We are grateful to those who have been on the frontlines making efforts to make our home a better place. 




" Wearing makeup is one of the things that I do for myself. It brings me joy! During the early stages of Covid I was required to wear a shield and a face mask to work; nevertheless my normal makeup routine didn’t change. I would do a soft glam look and use my Miss K’s mascara to make my lashes pop under my shield. My coworkers would always ask why am I still wearing makeup. I would always answer back “for myself”. It was something very little in the grand scheme of things, but it allowed me to maintain some normalcy in what was becoming a chaotic way of life. "





" In regard to health care, I’ve always had a passion for taking Care of others. I was raised in a family of health care professionals which is a major influence on why I chose to pursue my nursing career. "



Jéneen Gilliam

FFCMP Coordinator

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