Brand Story

Beauty Is Simple. Anna Kim, the CEO and founder of MISS K Cosmetics, believes beauty is not supposed to be complicated. 

This straight-forward beauty philosophy underpins MISS K’s mission: To solve the stress-inducing, time-consuming beauty products problems, making your beauty routine effortless and enjoyable. Your beauty routine should make you happy! 

As an eyelash expert, Anna realized that many people struggled with mascara smudges and had tremendous difficulty applying and removing their mascara. MISS K eliminates these mascara-related problems with its No Smudges and Easy-On & Easy-Off promise.



CEO Story

Beauty entrepreneur, Anna Kim, started her own eyelash extension business, Bling Lash, in 2010. Since then, Bling Lash has grown to three elegant and customer-friendly eyelash extension salons in Manhattan. 

Ms. Kim has helped thousands of customers feel confident and happy with their extended lashes. Seeing the positive, life-enhancing impact quality beauty products can provide, inspired Ms. Kim created her own cosmetics brand, MISS K Cosmetics, which was officially launched in December 2019. 

MISS K Cosmetics’ first product, MISS K 10 Second Mascara, was developed over a 4-year period of time during which no detail was too small for Ms. Kim and her team whose sole objective was to quite simply create the perfect mascara.