Blinglash Curler
Blinglash Curler
Blinglash Curler
Blinglash Curler
Blinglash Curler
Miss K Cosmetics

Blinglash Curler

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Give it 15-20 seconds for heating up and curl your mascaraed lashes slowly.

You will have perfect curled lashes in such an easy and safe way! 

You may not believe this hack now, but get ready for mind-blowing results after trying.

Afraid of the heat? 

Totally not necessary! 

The set temperature is strictly tested over lab experiences, so it?s friendly even for people who are sensitive about the heat. 

You may feel warm but definitely not hot!

The USB rechargeable design just makes everything simpler and faster!

  • Use any time, any place

  • Stronger and longer-lasting curl in few seconds

  • Only 15-20 seconds waiting time for dazzling eyelashes curling

  • Insert any USB port for charging

  • Provide optimal temperature: 203°F (95°C) - 212°F (100°C)

How to Use

- For the best result, apply curler after putting on MISS K Styling Serum.

- Keep clean heating rod, switch off before cleaning and use dry tissue or damp clothes.

- Press power button on with heating rod coveres and preheat over 15 seconds before applying.

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Tips for Blinglash Curler


        J Curl                 

        - Focus on and hold more time on root, it comes with J curl.


        C Curl               

        - Move slowly and hold on 2-3 seconds at the middle for C curl.


      CC Curl               

       - Place surface to heat root, middle, and upward. If you follow these steps, you'll get CC curl.

Instruction for Charge

You can charge any time, any place with USE port available

- Power off before charging and uncover USB connector then connect any USB port like PC, Laptop, Portable battery, etc.

- During charging, indicator shows Red and turns to Green when it is fully charged.

- Take 30 minutes to reach fully charged and with on time charge you can use 50 minutes continuously.

- To charge properly, set power button off.



- Do not touch heating rod too long to eyelashes.

- Remove contact lens before apply. 

- Do not use water for cleaning.

- Use dry tissue or damp cloth.

- Keep away from children.

- Do not place near to inflammable and/or ignitable materials.

- Always follow manufacturer's instruction.